‘Have you tasted the Clare Valley Riesling? You must try the Riesling!’ I first met the owner of Le Cochonnet, Peter, whilst tasting some delicious wines from Pikes at the London Wine Fair. I had tried the Riesling and had learned all about it from Jamie at Pikes, but I was happy to try it […]

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Davy’s Wine Merchants celebrate their 150th birthday next year and, having only just caught my eye, they seem to be wearing their age very well. Established in an era when deliveries arrived by horse and cart on the cobbled streets of London Town, and serving patrons through two World Wars and into the millennium, this group of 24 traditional wine bars and shops can perhaps give us all a lesson in longevity.

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There’s no shame in a Friday night in, especially if you’ve got awesome company and great wine! This photo evokes hilarious memories of a night in with friends which ended at dawn with chirping birds and the concern about having to go out for a booked brunch later that morning. Luckily the heads weren’t too sore - we have good taste in wine 😁 Pic by 📸
What does a wine lover look like? I hosted a wine tasting at a restaurant last week and asked some of the restaurant staff to join in and taste the wines with me. Some of the girls were still in their teens and told me that they didn’t feel confident when tasting and talking about wine and they felt a bit silly. Since when was the door to the world of wine locked shut to these young people and why didn’t they feel it was wide open, waiting for them to stroll right in, balloon-glass in hand? . I thought back to the first wine dinner I went to and I was the only female there in a room full of mature (genuinely wonderful and welcoming) men. I did ponder this at the time. I had a fabulous evening but I came away wondering why more young people didn’t feel they were, in the words of Ariel, ‘A Part Of This World’. Wine is a glorious pleasure, piece of history, work of art that is for everybody. . By the end of the wine tasting at the restaurant, I’d given the girls a few tips and one in particular was so excited that she could now tell someone what style of wine she liked and felt she was able to recommend different styles of wine to her guests. YOU GO GIRL 👊 I’m going to make it a personal mission to give legs to mermaids so they can walk through that door and into the world of wine!
Just enjoyed a very nice fruity-fresh Pecorino with the Chinese New Year menu at @hakkasanhanway. Lemon zest, crunchy apple and a hint of tropical made a perfect match with these punchy, flavoursome dishes! Happy New Year! 🇨🇳
Some of the absolute corkers I got to try yesterday at the @enotriacoe showcase! Thank you @mateuszk001 for making my Alsace Riesling dreams come true 🥰
YAY! I’ll be doing another @wefifo_ supper club with @luke.boatright on Saturday 16th February! Menu will be comprised of Ranby Hill Farm produce grown and reared by his own fair hands and I’ll be pairing a wine for each course. We had so much fun at our last one, so there’s no doubt it will be a cracking night! Head to his page for a ticket link and join us for a sustainable, organic, blimmin’ tasty feast!!
In my new blog (link in bio ☝️) I provide a little bit of backstory to my wine tasting coming up on 7th Feb - wine never fails to bring people together! (Ne’er a truer word was spoken)
It’s always fun choosing wine for a tasting! We’ll definitely be showing the delicious M de Minuty Rosé at @lecochonnet next Thursday - even if it’s snowing and should be drank on sun-drenched terraces in Provence - it tastes great whatever the weather decides to do 🙌 (Check out my bio for a link to the tasting 😊)
I’m hosting a wine tasting night at @lecochonnet in Maida Vale next Thursday - lemme know if you want to come! Tickets are £20 and they’ll be a selection of six wines (two whites, one rosé and three reds) plus some delicious nibbles prepared by their new chef, Daniele. For more info and to purchase tickets, click the @eventbriteuk link in my bio ☝️ Places are limited but I hope to see a few of you there!
Look at this beautifully crafted Insta pic! 😂 As unspontaneous as it looks, I just happened to be admiring this fallen flower on a beach just after sunset - these are the moments that just seem to happen in Thailand! 🌺 Anyway, I’m back home in the UK now, although my head is still there - but I should bid Thailand farewell until next time. In the meantime, I’ll be flying the flag for Thai wine and keeping an eye on wine lists for any appearances... Let me know if you spot any! (Gorgeous charm bracelet I’m wearing is from @chlobojewellery in case you were admiring it 😜✨)