Sauvignon Blanc is the famous white grape of Bordeaux, but it seems like these days, Marlborough in New Zealand is just as well-known for it. In France, Sauvignon Blanc is all citrus (lemons and limes), green fruits (gooseberry, green apple) and usually some asparagus. It always possesses a high, refreshing acidity, and the cooler the […]

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I’d read the comment ‘There’s more to Puglia than trulli’ – and of course there is – much, much more. But, it is still an impressive sight to witness a whole landscape constructed of these little grey, stone molehills, which (as would seem apparent) tend to remind people of huge conical bras. An army of […]

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One week to go until THIS! We’ve got a Venetian sparkling red to taste, a South African Method Cap Classique, as well as other delicious drops from France, Hungary and Chile. Get on this tasting train and bag yourself a ticket from the link in my bio 🔝🚂🥂 https://bit.ly/2MJpyBC
Always happy with an oyster in my hand - just give me a chilled glass of Muscadet for the other one and that’s perfection right there! What do I love about oysters? Everything from the ritual of eating them (from the shell, with various condiments depending on what the occasion calls for) to the fresh, bracing taste of sea with that signature umami sensation. They are also unbelievably good for you - packed with vitamins and minerals like zinc, iron, vitamin B12, vitamin D - no wonder they make you feel so amazing! Muscadet is their perfect partner because it’s so clean and fresh on the palate, with high acidity and some definite salinity and minerality that mirrors the sea taste so well. Saying that, the Greek grape Assyrtiko would be awesome too 👌👌👌
Guillem Kerambrun tells us that Clos Stegasta from @toinoswinery doesn’t just place itself as the best Assyrtiko wine out there; it is up there as ‘one of the most beautiful wines in the world.’ With amazing levels of freshness, complexity and prolonged ageing potential, this wine is ready to compete with the greatest Rieslings and Burgundies. ‘Between you and I,’ Guillem says, ‘this is the future.’ Establishments such as Ducasse, Sexy Fish, Annabel’s, Scott’s and Trade Soho seem to agree - maybe it’s time for everyone else to get on board... and fast!
Gorgeous lunch with @guillemkerambrun yesterday, drinking wines from @toinoswinery. A taste of the future! #Assyrtiko
Where would I rather be today? On the Amalfi Coast eating spaghetti alle vongole and drinking Ravello 🙏❤️
What a find! Discovered buried in my parent’s bookshelf, this little book (dated 1993) is full of wise tips, tricks and advice - some of it pretty outdated now, but all the more amusing. I WILL be using these quotes on my posts. Here’s a carrot for you: ‘Wine without alcohol is like music without bass.’ 👌 You know it. #WineWisdom
Do you know much about orange wine? (Nothing to do with 🍊🍊🍊 by the way) As far as I understand it, it’s a white wine made as a red wine, so the white grape skins are left to macerate into fermentation, giving you this warm, amber-orange colour. I tried orange wine a couple of years ago and wasn’t too fussed about it, but this time I loved it! It was dry and slightly sherry-like, with lemon peel and nuts. Definitely one to try at @casaanddo in Neal’s Yard 👌
‘Poor wine is always too expensive.’ . . 🤣🤣🤣 I’ve got a book of wine quotes and this one seemed to fit this picture quite well!
Join me for an evening of fun and frivolity at Grays & Feather, where I will be hosting a fabulous wine tasting in their mischievous wine parlour in the heart of Covent Garden! The event is on Wednesday 28th August and tickets are £35. More details and ticket link in my bio - I hope you can make it!