There is something about opening a magnum, isn’t there? The sheer size of it is novel enough, but the whole feeling of opening a magnum is different. First of all, there’s the celebratory aspect – you’re going to be with friends having fun (I wouldn’t recommend opening one if you’re by yourself, no) and, secondly, there’s a sense of thrilling mystery about it. Like jumping off a big rock into the sea, who knows where you’re going to be when you reach the bottom of it? All you know is, you’re going be be feeling GREAT.

Lez Arts, a rosé produced by Marrenon from the Luberon in the South of France, is only available in magnum size in the UK, which says it all, really – this is a good time wine! Where is the Luberon, I hear you ask, as you strain your ears waiting for the word ‘Provence’. Well, even though it is in the greater Provence area, this is, very uniquely, a Luberon rosé.

The Luberon is north of Aix-en-Provence, away from the beaches of Saint-Tropez and within the forested mountains of a stunning National Park. Like coastal Provence, it too is a destination where high society have flocked to through the ages, enjoying the picturesque, soul-soothing nature, as well as the sophisticated, artistic and historic culture.

This unique Luberon culture is the very thing that Lez Arts is named after – ‘the art of living’. This is a place of charming hilltop villages and scenes around every corner that inspired the likes of Van Gogh and Cézanne. The bounty of fresh, beautiful produce is something the area is famed for, and so feasting with family and friends is a huge part of daily life – which, of course, is why you would need a magnum on the table most days, obviously!

Lez Arts possesses that glorious salmon colour which always makes our eyes light up in the summertime, but the Syrah in the blend gives it a slightly richer, pinker hue. The vineyards in the mountainous Luberon are cooler than those in the south, helping the grapes to retain their powerful aromas and high acidity. Give it a swirl in the glass and you’ll get a refreshing blast of lime and grapefruit in your face, as well as those red summer berries from the fruity Grenache.

It’s zippy and vibrant on the palate, with all of those fruit flavours filling the mouth and lingering for a while, making this dry wine appear to have an edge of sweetness. This is a huge plus if you’re enjoying it with food that has a bit of a spicy kick. A barbecue would be the ideal lunching situation to enjoy Lez Arts in – charred meats, salads, a big group of pals – perfect.

After a glass, I’m feeling like the girl on the label. My eyes are sparkling, my hair is bright, sexy and volumous, like I have my own personal desk fan. I have embraced ‘the art of living’ and I’m liking it very much. I think I would love the Luberon – if magnums are their thing, then they are my thing too. Who wants in?

If you fancy rolling like a Luberone, you can pick up your Lez Arts magnum from Majestic here or in store (PS: It’s a bit heavy so use two hands.)

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