Fleur de Mer Côtes de Provence Rosé 2018

Ah! The summer is here and this very bottle makes me think of skipping across a lavender-flecked hillside, white dress billowing, hair flowing behind – perhaps I am carrying a basket of flowers or – even better – freshly picked herbs to make dinner with later in my stone-cobbled kitchen overlooking the sea? How Provençal indeed! It’s amazing what a label can do and this one has a dreamy, curly script across it, spelling ‘Fleur de Mer’, flower of the sea. And, if you ever visit the website of this wine, you are greeted with pretty watercolour paintings of lavender loveliness.

The right picture is in my mind before tasting the wine and fortunately I open it on a warm summer’s day, which is perfect for sitting outside on the grass, dreaming of Provence.

In the glass the wine glints like a clear-as-water rose quartz jewel, but in wine-world, we’d probably classify it as salmon pink. Sunshine really does bring the best out in Provence rosé and I take a few moments to admire the colour and the way the sun bounces off it, making pleasant wavy patterns within the liquid. I’m feeling happier already.


Mmm, the aromas! Fresh strawberries and red cherries, which are rounded by the softer tropical scent of watermelon. It smells fresh and a little citrusy – perhaps some lime and lemon?

A moment on the lips and the citrus rushes forward to create a wave of refreshing zinginess – and the saliva glands have awoken! Excellent acidity refreshes the mouth and the red fruits settle on the tongue, calmed by juicy, soothing watermelon. I want another go.

Difficult to put the glass and the bottle down – I need a partner in crime, a Brigette Bardot bouffant and Air’s La Femme d’Argent on the stereo, stat!

If you like the sound of Fleur de Mer, you can get your Provence perk-up at The Bottle Club. La belle vie!

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