Provence rosé makes me think of sun-dappled terraces in the south of France; a luxuriously languorous lunch with nothing much to do for the rest of the afternoon apart from wear big sunglasses and happily, hazily enjoy watching the salmon pink in the glass glisten in the sunshine.

Some kind of marketing must have worked on me somewhere along the line because this is the lifestyle that Château Minuty was founded upon in 1936 in St Tropez. The estate is located on the glittering St Tropez peninsula and has seen the most glamorous movers and shakers of the twentieth century grace its beaches, bars and restaurants, notably the person who became the region’s icon, Brigitte Bardot.

François Matton, managing director of Minuty and grandson of its founder, wanted to encapsulate the feel of St Tropez’s heyday in the sixties for his 2018 vintage, when he discovered Ruby Taylor’s chic blonde bombshell motif on Instagram.

‘That is very Ruby,’ François says, pointing towards the bottle of his 2018 vintage at its launch party last week at Le Pont de la Tour. ‘That is the ambience of Ruby and it reminds me of Saint Tropez in the sixties.’

The Bardot-esque figure is amongst a collection of single colourful illustrations dotted all over the limited edition bottle of Château Minuty rosé. There’s a lobster, a watermelon, sunglasses, a pineapple, alongside lemons, shells and stars.

Ruby Taylor

‘I wanted to capture little moments,’ Ruby tells me, as she reminisces about her four days in St Tropez visiting François. ‘We spent time doing Saint Tropez things – going to the beach, visiting Minuty and getting a real vibe for everything that was there. My idea for the bottle was capturing what happened, the beautiful things that I saw, the beautiful things that I ate and the beautiful things that I drank.’

The bottle itself is fabulous, but the stuff inside it is pretty stunning too. ‘The vintage is a beautiful one,’ says François. ‘For us, compared to the UK, we had one of the wettest springs and it was tough to bring the grapes into the cellar clean – but we did it. We had rain every day from March until the end of June, so it was not an easy vintage, but the result is beautiful because its a very fruity one. The acidity is very well balanced with not too much alcohol. The feel of our wines is important – they should be easy to drink without fighting against the alcohol.

‘I say when you drink rosé, it makes people happy, not drunk, and that’s why we are popular. You can drink our rosé any time and you don’t feel heavy, you don’t feel drunk, you just feel happy and it means also that summertime is coming.’

Summertime is certainly coming – I’m chilling the rosé already.


Ruby Taylor: @rubyst

Château Minuty:


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